Riga of
the Future

Balasta dambis 2
You’ve arrived at the centrepiece of what is to become the definitive business hub of the Baltic capital
Picture yourself in an urban space facing an immaculate waterfront that harbours all the necessities and indulgences you require to stay there as long as you like. A self-sustaining space where state-of-the-art architectural vision meets its modernism roots and comes to life in a multi-storied glass building beaming with aesthetic proficiency, technological advancement, and innovation. This space is the very definition of a meta-city. Welcome to Preses Nama Kvartāls – the Central Business District of Riga.
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5.8 ha
Land covered
26 000 m2
Business Centre area
7 500 m2
Retail area
Parking lots
charging stations for electric vehicles
The number of Suites in the IHG Holiday Inn
2025 Q1
Project becomes reality!
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Holiday Inn hotel ****
Rooftop Football field and Multifunctional Field
11 floor office building
Multifunctional center
Holiday Inn hotel ****
Rooftop Football field and Multifunctional Field
11 floor office building
Multifunctional center

A Unique Site

Just a few minutes from Old Riga, overlooking the grandeur River Daugava, this landmark location embodies an aura and history - this was once the epicentre of the Latvian media. Preses Nams (The House of Press) symbolizes the struggle for freedom of speech in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Sustainable Future

The project spans construction quality excellence, focusing on energy efficiency and environmentally conscious building solutions in compliance with the BREEAM Excellent certificate and Nearly Zero Energy standard. Within all the project's sections, the future is not just beautiful – the future is smart!


In line with best industry practices and cutting-edge urban planning, the project merges office premises, coworking areas, an efficiently planned parking lot, retail and commercial space, leisure and sports facilities, green terraces, walking area, and even a rooftop football field.

Knowledge Mile

Situated in an area of the city that houses the most significant educational facilities in the country, the project will become a hub for tomorrow's talent, entrepreneurship, and vision. An environment of intellect, inspiring ideas, and young minds ready to change the world and welcome a new era for the city.

Class A office space

The project presents an 11-storey Business Centre with open floor planning, panoramic views, superior natural daylight in every workplace corner, and a climate system to soothe any needs.

Office lease

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15 minute drive from Riga International Airport
Access to public transport hub
Old Town within walkable distance
10 minute commute to Riga Central Station
Preses Nama Kvartāls
National Library of Latvia
Riga Technical University
Riga Stradiņš University
University of Latvia
RISEBA University of Applied Sciences
Freeport of Riga
Riga Central Station